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Last Sunday's Adrenaline Rush

Hi everyone, Rueni here

Yestreday,Sunday, started out as the usual Sunday, going to church then eating out. While on the way to MOA, where we decided to eat, my father talked about a car show. I like cars but not that interested, if i'll rate my interest it would be very average. I just knew what's new and what's hot in the car world.

We ate at Karate Kid {I love their cheesy tonkatsu maki}, then went to the Car Show in the parking lot behind the SMX building and voila, I saw lots and lots of cars and vans! There were Kias, Suzukis, Chevrolets, BMWs,Fords, Hondas, Toyotas, Mercedes-Benzes, Masdas, Nissans, Hyundai, Porsches and Mitsubishis. I think there were also Volks Wagens, Lexus', Audis and Protons but no Ferrari and Hummer. T-T As usual, you can test drive the cars in parked at the test drive area and explore the non-test drive cars. Sadly, there are one or two brands that do not allow people "explore" their automobiles, it's for your eyes only and I think you guys already know w/c brands are those. =_=

Then my father saw someone test driving a yellow Hyundai Genesis and told me that it was one of my younger brother's dream car. Too bad he wasn't w/ us then, he could've take a spin in it around MOA. Then we saw the Hyundai booth where another Genesis can be seen. It's a red one and you can sit inside. I was kinda curious as to why my brother would like such a low sports-car styled well car, so I sat inside and saw that it was not too bad. It has this nice interior and even got this sun/moon/whatever-you-call-it roof. After taking some pictures of me inside the car, we move on to other booths. Then finally we were at KIA where I saw this cute car called Picanto...

When it comes to vehicles, I want a compact Hummer or a 4x4 or a monster truck that can overcome terrains and will not act up when there's flood. I mostly do not care about the cost or the styles, but I do care a lot about its performance because hey, it's what we are paying for right? So yeah, i'm very picky about autos. We where going to go back inside the mall when I saw Kia Picanto. It's cute, it's compact and it's high enough. 'Twas love at first sight! <3 I really want to check the insides but I think my father doesn't want me too. Then in the end, I was able to "explore" my beloved car. It was perfect! I love the interior, the seat was soft enough but not that soft, the seats are not leathery, it still got a "nose" up front, not too big not too small {perfect when going out w/ my friends and dollies}. Best of all, the unit's price for manual is only 595,000.00 PHP! That is a nice price compared to Nissan's Patrol Royale 5,375,000.00 PHP! O.O And don't me get started on you BMWs! When I touched the wheel, I got this adrenaline rush of wanting to drive again and I want that car immediately! +_+ I really just love the feeling when I was inside, I felt "at home".

So after taking some pictures of me inside we went back inside the malls. While walking, my father told me that it's easy to buy a car but the maintenance isn't. He told me about the oil change and it costs around 2k PHP. Also the parking, cleaning, registration and the like, and only working people can afford to have cars. I already knew about that, so when I graduated and finally find a decent paying job, i'll ask my father to buy me a Kia Picanto! X3

In the malls, I took a short trip to Tokyo Kids and checked out how much the mouse-pads w/ "bountiful bossoms" on it. I was shocked that it costs 400+ php, almost 500 php! O.O Then I head to PowerBooks and take a look at my favourite sections, mainly mangas. I was reaching for a marvel comic book at the top shelf, sadly not tall enough to reach it when a guy working for the said shop helped me. Then he started chatting w/ me from books to cars because he saw the pamphlets I was carrying that I got from the car show. >.> He is nice but it actually felt weird...................... Then he we finally stopped chatting when someone called him for help. I'm not really good at conversations, I'm having a hard time starting one not to mention ending one. =_= I'm quite naive on this, don't know if he was just being your regular friendly worker or he's hitting on me. >.>

Then it's time to go home and so we headed back to the parking lot when I saw "Dunkin' Cafe". Yes, it's Cafe, not Doughnuts! O.O I pointed it out to my father coz it's new to my eyes. Then he asked me if I wanted to buy a doughnut or two. >.> Honestly, I didn't want to buy coz I know, just from the looks of the store, it's gonna be expensive! But then he started w/ his "are you going to buy or not" while getting money from his wallet. So anyway, I went in and it smelled like coffee, the ambiance was nice but it reminded me of Starbucks too much! The concept was good, evolving from your regular doughnuts store to a cafe but it just really felt like they were copying cafes. Also the price is like starbucks! O.O I bought 4 doughnuts and a cup of Medium {they're small size} sized coffee and it cost 248.00 php! >.< Talk about expensive doughnuts. It was worth it I think, since their doughnuts are good and sweet just the way I like it.

We stopped over at SM Manila to buy art materials at Deovir that my youngest brother needs today. Then we looked around, there was a sale but unfortunately, nothing tickles my interest so I just bough a baby powder... >.> So that wraps up everything. See you guys soon!

Bald Owl

Hi everyone, Rueni-hime here

       I know a lot of people knows about the existence of bald eagles but do bald owls exist? That I got to research but as far as my frozen brain remembers there's none. Until one faithful Sunday that is!

       I did Miyoubi's face-up five times but w/o practice how can I do it properly when I want to? Details below:

First: Too much blushing >.> that it turned out almost red!
Second: Too much blushing, again. {Sorry, I just like the feeling of blushing XD} Turned out too much beige~
Third: Good but a bit messy. At least it turned out the way I wanted it to.
Fourth: I redid her face-up because {the dreaded time came-up} I was thinking that Miyoubi's character would match Marguerite's face sculpt rather than Sakura's. {I think that Sakura is Ms. Sunshine and her eyehole is smaller than Marguerite's} So pop-up Moonberry {An old character of mine, a cat that can turn human} w/c explains why her face-up is like that and her eyebrows are black. {Miyoubi has light blue hair} I was almost finished when I sprayed too much sealant and off came the face-up... So I redid it again.. >.>
Fifth: After redoing it, it came out very nice. In fact I love it though still imperfect. {I was balancing out the "mascara" or whatever you call it around the eyes and the turned out thicker. Since it was getting too thick, I left it as is.}

       I was actually rushing her face-up coz the convention was coming-up. {Had no time to do it.} But the day before the con, she canceled on me so it was a no-go. {I even sewed her a skirt! T-T} Instead, I took her w/ me to the house of my mother's friend w/c actually belongs to her cousin. We went there coz we were invited. So before leaving, I did last minute checks and made sure everything was okay. She was standing and posing perfectly, she even posed well in the car. {She was seated on the backrest of the navigator's seat and her left foot is rested on the door. [Everyone can see her]}

       So in the mansion, i tried to make Miyoubi stand but everywhere was no use so I just made her sit. My brother's classmate asked me to show them if the hair is removable. So I removed it and after that I can't put it back on. =.= Though it's tough to put on her I can usually do it after a few tries but that day, it just doesn't go on. Maybe she hates the wig as much as I do. That's the story of her being bald here. The wig? It's here, messy again. I'm glad my friend is gonna shelter her for a while {for photoshoots and stuff} and fix the {nightmare} hair. After I get that wig back, it's going to be stored forever {Bwahahaha!} unless that I really, really need to use it or someone wants to rid me of headaches.

Moonberry vs. Miyoubi

       There I was fearing that Moonberry would take over Miyoubi's "body". So, this morning, when I finally got my net back, I looked at the pictures of Marguerite and Sakura. Then my heart was solidified that it really is Miyoubi's body. Now i'm going to re-do her face-up {hopefully the final for sometime} again because a part of her face-up was smudged; >.> and the current face-up isn't like Miyoubi at all. I think that Moonberry understands since she is a senior character. {Miyoubi is a recent character and as stated above, Moonberry is one of my old characters. Though I just have recently thought of a fitting name for her.} Maybe she just wants to remind me that she's still here.

       It was my birthday last June, and "finally" convinced my father to buy me bjds! {see, after years of pleading, begging, a bit of drama, suspicious grins and hard work(!?) it finally paid off XD} I was still rationalizing my list {more like turning it to realistic numbers!} my net was cut off {evil smart bro!} w/c was fixed last night. {thank GOD!} I decided then to just order everything on december {so I can have more funds!} w/c made my mind at ease. I know that there are lots of promos at this time but I don't want to rush everything and make the events dictate me completely {aw come on, who doesn't like love events and sales?} of when to buy.

       Reminds me, I have a lot of things that I need to buy like s-hooks, wigs and a pair of eyes. Also my Pullips and Miyoubi needs their main wig; more clothes and shoes are needed as well as decent underwear. {I really think that dolls should wear undies and bras like good little ladies.} Hhmmm... a big carrying bag/case is a need, been taking them almost everywhere. And there's that 2003 Summer- 2010 Autumn Complete Style Magazine w/c sells for $155 that includes the magazine and special LE doll {maybe i'll sell her, it's 50-50} plus $25 for shipping to Asian countries. I don't have a paypal acc and they agreed to let me pay by paypal but i have to pay other fees >.> so the total would be around $200 and i just want the magazine! T-T

       What else... Ah, I will buy a LE Marguerite and LE Armeria, either spring or summer term and they will be called Moonberry and Magayon, respectively. I pray that they won't run out of those. And that's all, hope you have fun looking at my darling bald, ugly face-upped Miyoubi's pictures. Until next time.

Me: For those who wants to know how Sakura looks like w/o face-up.

Me: Miyoubi sitting on a chair w/ her wig still on .
Miyoubi: This is not my hair...
Moonberry: Don't look at me, i'm just sharing here.

Me: Now w/o a wig and riding on a tricycle-thing.

Photobucket Photobucket
Moonberry: Can I keep this?
Miyoubi: I think that is not possible.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Miyoubi: Can you please buy me my proper wig and eyes?

Me: Miyoubi, you shouldn't sit like that when wearing a skirt.
Moonberry: I'm Moonberry, not Miyoubi. What's the difference between a skirt and pants anyway?
Miyoubi: Do that when you have your own body Miyoubi. Two souls can't inhabit the same body.
Moonberry: That's right, so off you go.
Me: ...

Miyoubi Descends

After so much drama, angst and all those negative feelings, I finally got my first doll. I originally planned to buy Ripley Days but Miyoubi was screaming at me to buy her first.

Miyoubi : "Lady's first!"

So on December 21st, I ordered her from Rosette School of Dolls and got shipping notice on 28th. On the 29th, I was only able to check her status during the morning coz we went to Baguio and there was no internet connection. I was very worried since I can not see what is happening and that the evil customs might imprison her! >.< Then on the afternoon of December 31, yesterday, when we got home I noticed a big box on one of my sofas. {The package was delivered to the house and my sister paid 35php} I thought "It's gotta be her!" I quickly brought her box upstairs to open but I can't find the charger of our video cam. My brother used the last of it's energy while taking a video of Baguio while we were leaving. I searched and searched but failed to find it. Then I finally looked at my laptop bag and there it was! I remembered that I have put it there. >.> So me and my youngest brother opened her box, I'm actually happy that he isn't afraid of her so she doesn't have to go. In fact my lil' bro love her to bits. XD

So unto the pictures, forgive the clutters and the pic quality. I was tired and still doing chores coz it's New Year's eve. So much to do, no time at all. >.<

Please click the thumbnails for larger pics.

The box, it got holes O.O but luckily the inner box isn't damaged. >.< Over the box is Michelle (Pullip Youtsuzu) and Ruby (the rabbit stuffed toy)

The inner box and Ruby. {Just ignore me in the background}

The inner box again.

What's inside.

The goodies. {and the black AR LF shoes that I bought, I thought it fits Miyoubi but it doesn't. Maybe I would sell it...}

The goodies again. When I opened the letter I was shocked coz it was blank!!! o.o

The extra hands and knee-pan parts. {forgot to take pic of those w/o the bubble wrap, sowi ^^;}

The 5 pcs outift w/c I really love. When I saw the outfit in their website, I don't like it and thought of selling it. Now I think it's wonderful. X3

Miyoubi, nakey. XD When I opened her box, her head is already that way. It's like she's saying "Don't take a picture of me when I am naked!"

Closer pic~

She's headless!!! O.O Her head was not attached to her body! I only noticed when I tried to pick her up to sit her.

Miyoubi eyeless...




Face plate and back/head {whatever it is called} plate.

W/ her default eyes on.




Closer pic of her face w/ her default eyes, hair and clothes.

Mid pic w/ additional light. {It's not flash but light from the video-cam} As you can see here, her eyes are actually violety/purpleish. {And I thought it was brownish ^^;}

Full body pic w/ Ruby.

I don't like the wig's style coz it is difficult to maintain. {It came to me w/ a bit of stray hair ^^;} The eyes are fine, but she looks in a daze to me. I'm still saving for her eyes and still searching for the perfect blueish hair. Ah, almost forgot, she is loosely based on Miyobi {forgot spelling} from Alichino and she is also takes the form of an owl. She is floppy but i'm {still} in the process of restringing her.

Ruby in the box, she's a 10 year old beloved stuffed toy rabbit who goes where ever we go. We currently don't have any pets in our house coz our last pet was killed by a big rat. TT-TT

Miyoubi's body, part by part.

Ruby and box size comparison. XD

I really love this pic. <3

Today's Mumbling and Stuff @.@

Hi there everyone, Rueni here

          Today, I've got plenty to write so i'll go on w/ it. First off, my grandmother {not a direct one} died last week December 23. She was very helpful and kind when she was still alive. A true christian by heart. My aunt {my mother's younger and only sister} and her husband {his mother is the sister of the said grandma} were very close to her so everybody was kinda sad that she already left us. So our christmas plans dissolved we might attend my grandma's funeral but it's up to father.

          Next is while browsing the net for paypal funds and more about paypal I stumbled on the website called sulit.com and thus made me remember such an unpleasant experience. It was around June when my mom and some of my family returned from their trip to USA. She wanted to sell some of the items she bought and since I have an account at sulit.com I told her that I'll post it on the internet. Then days after somebody named Rose called and she said that she is interested in my mom's stuff. They talked for quite a while and she said that she would call again but after that she didn't call. Around late july, me and three of my siblings became sick not of h1n1 but some cold. My youngest brother was admitted to the hospital while my sister and I stayed at home to rest. I was really feeling terrible, it's difficult to sleep at night and the darn costly medicine the doctor gave me took hours to work that it was almost useless {it's like sleeping pills}. Then Rose called, I hurried to get up of my bed coz I thought that it was my mom. She asked me where my mom was I said that she is in the hospital watching my youngest brother. She asked me if anyone in the house knows the price of the items and said that I know. She asked me if the price can get any lower coz she had found the same items at a certain mall for a lower price and that sulit.com is for bargains. I said that I dunno and that she should ask my mom. I was irritated by what she said coz first of all we are not FORCING her to buy our merchandise, second it depends on who is selling, what they are selling and the condition of what they are selling! {What we are selling are brand new...} Then she added w/ a threatening voice "If you are like that then no one would buy anything from you." and then said goodbye and never called again. I was freaking enraged by her and thus failing to get rest. I wanted to go to her house and teach her some manners! As I have said we are not forcing anyone in buying our items and if you do not like our pricing then go buy somewhere else! My mother even did price reductions and she says that! Right now, a lot of stuff have been sold and only a few are left. I'm really happy that God watches over my mother. I hope that Rose person gets what she deserves, it's business man, of course the prices are different!

             So enough w/ the bad news and unto the good news coz i'm in rage here. ^.^: I asked Soom about when they will ship my doll and they replied that she will be shipped out late january. So knowing that I still look at the order status everyday, and today, around 5pm I looked at the status at I was filled w/ mix emotions because she is on shipping! Wweeee~ Now I am acting like a total idiot and laughing out loud due to the happiness overflowing w/ in me. I'll check her shipping status later. :3 Now I am worried that the evil customs will hold her hostage! >,<

Date Status Post office/Airport Details
18:59 28-Dec-2009 Posting/Collection BUCHEON

Destination country : PHILIPPINES

23:18 28-Dec-2009 Arrival at outward office of exchange INTERNATIONAL POST OFFICE  
23:30 28-Dec-2009 Departure from outward office of exchange INTERNATIONAL POST OFFICE

Dispatch number

Handed over to Air carrier INCHEON  

Today's Mumbling and Stuff!

Hi everyone! Rueni here~              Today I paid for my first resin BJD, she's Rosette School of Dolls' Michaelmas Term Sakura L.E.. Screams~ I wonder how long do I have to wait. >.< I'm really excited about it. Her name is Miyoubi, I will reveal the details when she gets here. :3 I was supposed to get Ripley Days but then AR offered LF Ami as a kit. I've been wanting Ami for such a long time and I can't let this chance slip through. Just think, a doll that you want so much is being sold brand new at a lesser price, the shipping price is low and fast. So everything was planned out, again but I realized that Ami's body didn't fit Miyoubi. The only tall and slim MSD i know of is from Rosette School of Dolls. So that' show I ended up w/ Sakura. :3              My grandma and auntie from canada suddenly gave us a surprise visit. they arrived just this week and now our sched's chaotic but fun. XD Sp yeah, busy busy busy. =.= That would be all for today, there's nothing much to say. So, see ya all later. :3


They got in one of the elevators and exited on the third floor. They walked and walked on the hallways until they reached the conference room the doctor was talking about.

"Here?" she asked

"Yes." he replied "Shall we go in?"

"Alright." she nervously replied

Bright white lights embraced them as they entered the room. As their eyes adjust, Mayka saw that inside the room was like a king's court only the things there are made mostly out of metals and the people do not wear robes and white powdered wigs. People who were sitting in their respected places whispered at each other while staring intently at her. A woman w/ sunset orange hair, dark purple business suit and lovely brown eyes approached them.

"Good evening ms. Hearth. We have been waiting for you, come and follow me."

J.A.S. Chapter 1

Just Another Story
Chapter 1

Only darkness can be seen and only the thoughts of a young woman can be heard.

           "I don't know exactly how I become like this... I want my soul to cease exist yet God still wants me to keep on going this tainted game called life. Why? I don't understand. Is not my despair, hatred, sins and sorrow enough to be more than just damned in hell as my birth name says? Eh... Light?"

The surrounding changes, birds are chirping and voices can be heard.

           "Ah, she's come to." the attractive man w/ long light brown hair tied in a neat ponytail wearing a lab coat said

           "Mayka!" the older woman w/ middle length black wavy hair cried as she tightly hugged the younger woman "Thank God!"

           "Mom?" said the young woman whose black wavy hair length is just above the shoulders "Where are we?" she said as she looked outside the big windows where the bright sunlight passes through

           "We are in a hospital dear, you got in an accident and got seriously injured. You also hit your head so got into a coma." the mother said "God is really good for you to have lived after so much."

           "Accident?" her jet black eyes blankly stared into empty space as she recalls the terrible moment

A family is happily walking in a mountain side somewhere abroad when a terrible earthquake occurred. The ground split, Mayka's family got unto the other side but she was unfortunate for the earthquake triggered a small landslide. Though small, it is enough to kill people. A falling rock hit her head then she got caved in by falling debris. At first her sight is fine, then it become fuzzy due to lack of air and then she passed out.

           "I'm alive? I'm... alive?" she muttered worriedly

           "Yes dear, and it's all thanks to God. And of course Dr. Frances here." Mayka's mother smiled happily

Mayka opened her mouth to say something but upon seeing how happy her mom is she didn't bother saying anything about it.

            "You don't seem to well. Maybe you should rest and stay here." Dr. Frances said, he noticed her hidden disbelief of surviving through out the accident

            "She can rest at home, we'll just be back for check ups" the mother said

            "Well if that is decision, I can't change that." Dr. Frances smiled in reply

Mayka waited silently in her very big white room w/c has nothing except for her bed, a side table and a chair. The wind flowing through the open big windows made the almost completely transparent white curtains dance. The trees were like emeralds as the sun's rays reflect on the leaves while the sky has no clouds, all you can see is the big bright blue. Her mother is still talking w/ the doctor in his office and has to pay the bills while her father awaits in a white car w/ black tint glass outside in the parking lot.

After sometime, Mayka is finally going to leave the hospital w/c makes her unexpectedly sad. The mysterious doctor seems to know something about her that's why he wants her to stay. But her family wants to see her badly so she has to go. On the road, when they have not gone far, Mayka decided to stay w/ the doctor.

             "Mom, I forgot something back at the hospital room." she plainly said

             "Ah, it's good that you have noticed it right now. It could be troublesome if we are already far away from the hospital." she smiled

             "I told you to always double check your things before leaving!" her father angrily reprimanded his daughter "What if that thing gets lost there!?"

             "Dear, she just recovered from an accident! How can you expect her to think about things like that right away?" her mother defended her

             "Whatever~" Mayka's father angrily shrugged his wife's words as he turned in a u-turn slot.

Upon getting to the hospital's parking lot, Mayka saw Dr. Frances waiting at the entrance holding a white stuffed rabbit in his hands.

             "Is that what you have forgotten?" her mother asked

             "Yes." she said as she grabbed her things and run to the doctor

             "Wait! Don't run!" the mother shouted when she noticed Mayka running

             Mayka breathed for air before talking to the doctor "Dr. Frances, I want to stay." she said determination

             "Are you sure about it?" the doctor replied, his face shows a hint of happiness

             "Of course!" she paused and looked back at the car where her parents are, then she looked back at Dr. Frances "But my parents? How can I convince them?"

             "Leave it to me." he happily said and approached her parents

She watched Dr, Frances and her parents talk, then her parents gave the doctor the rest of her things, waved goodbye to her and left. The doctor walked back to Mayka in a smile.

             "How did you know?" he asked

             "I just know" she replied

             "I see." he said "Come then, I just have to pack my things and we can go there." he walked towards the hospital door

             "How did you know?" she asked "How did you know that I'll be sent here?"

             He stopped in his tracks and he said w/ a smile "Because I just know." then resumed walking into the hospital

             "I see." she then quickly followed him inside

Around sunset, Dr. Frances kept on driving along the road into the deep woods until they reached a place w/ maximum security, high walls, big guard dogs, armed guards and electrically charged fences.

             "Is it here?" she excitedly asked

             "Yes." he replied

They stopped after a short time, the gates opened and they entered. Inside is a very big place, w/ buildings that look like hospital, dormitories, gyms and barracks. The flowers and trees in the gardens soften the place while the wide barren fields looks like a dessert. As they parked the car, a group of people crowded the car, they were all shouting the doctor's name.

             "Who are they?" she asked, worried about the mass of people

             "Students." he replied

             "I see." she said w/ a frown

             "You don't like to be around many people?" he asked as he started shutting the car off

             "Not really. It depends but mostly yes. I dislike crowds..." she replied w/ an annoyed voice

             "Don't worry, they are friendly." he reassured her as he exited the vehicle, people crowded him

             "That's not my point." she said as she opened the door and stepped out

             "Doctor! Doctor! Who is she?"

              "Is she a new student?"

              "A new student?"

              "Yes, but she's special." he said as he looked at Mayka but she frowned at him and turned her head away

              "Special?" the group of students said in unison

              "Does she have a very strong ability?"

              "Is she super smart?"

              "What makes her special?"

              "Come on doctor Mark! Tell us what makes her special!?"

              "Now, now. Let's stop the questions for now. She just have recovered from a coma and I still have to show her around." he gently replied

             "Eh~" the students complained "Come on! Doctor!"

              "Next time guys." he smiled at them as he gently held Mayka's shoulders "Today's a busy day." then they walked away from them

              "They sure are inquisitive little ones." she annoyingly replied after they have gone quite a distance from them

              "Yes, they are. One, two or more of them might be your group mate." he replied w/ a smile while opening the door to a building

              "No way~ I prefer to be alone than w/ anyone!" she pouted

              "You're so cute. Anyway this is the main building." he said "We'll be going to the conference room at the 3rd floor."

              "More people?" she asked

               "Yes." he said

               "Okay..." she bluntly replied

They got in one of the elevators and exited on the third floor. They walked and walked on the hallways until they reached the conference room the doctor was talking about.

              "Here?" she asked

             "Yes." he replied "Shall we go in?"

             "Alright." she nervously replied

~To be Continued~

Yey! I finally posted the first chapter. Please let me know what you think about it through constructive criticism. :3 Please take note that English isn't my native language.

Please read:
I own this story and the characters in it. Posting my works w/o telling me anything about it and claiming my works is plagiarism!!! I really worked hard for this!

Today's Mumbling and Stuff-

Hi everyone! Rueni here,

         Okay, what to type first. Ah yes. First of all classes will start on monday for the 2nd sem... That, haven't gotten over it yet. Honestly, they posted "Classes will start on November 3, 2009" two weeks ago. Then November 3, around 2pm; I saw the sign saying "Classes will start on November 9, 2009" That is really irritating coz I prepared and all yet to find this. The guards didn't even bother to tell "us" the students who have already enrolled that the classes will be postponed!!! I wasted Php14 >.> , time and clothes just to get to that damn school, not to mention taking the heat of the sun! Honestly, why do schools dig their own grave? I know not everything goes according to plan but really, they should be ready for {almost} anything.

         Anyway, bad news aside, I got good grades last semester and even got a grade of 1 w/c is the highest grade one could possibly attain. Yeah i'm bragging about it, it isn't every time that I can get a grade that high! XD Also, me gots not failing grades so I'm safe for now. Oh yeah, my bro got a lot of 1s and his lowest grade is 2.25 >.> My lowest grade? 3 XD My parents are rubbing my bro's grades into my face, saying that i should do better coz I'm older than him! =.= Well at least i got good? grades that semester!

         In connection w/ the second paragraph, since I got good grades I have finally convinced my father to buy me my first BJD. Yey~ XD Though it is still not locked on {done deal, my father has a tendency to leave me hanging on mid air, hoping for him to really buy me one >.>} i can fight back w/ my grades. Hehehe~ >:D But I still have a back-up plan w/c is I have been saving like crazy since June so I can buy my first. It is actually tough to choose who will be my first BJD. I'm a picky but considerate person and there I have a long list of wants including Volks RM dolls. {W/c I will be able to buy when I start working, yeah still years to go >.>} I want to buy a dollzone 1/3 f or a soom md f or souldoll 55cm f but i really want to have a guy doll! {never had a guy doll, even the cheap imitations of Ken T-T} So i've been looking {staring XD} at guys dolls, looking for the one to fit the image of Rue Lantis. He is one of the main characters in my original story Just Another Story and still looking for a proper family name that wouldn't sound "bleh" w/ his given name. Here are the guidelines for me to help me sort him out of the rest:

1.  Skin must be normal skin or anything similar or a bit darker than that but not tan.
2. Must be around 70cm tall coz me likes to hugs. :3
3. Must have 3 parts of the body {abdomen, thorax and pelvis} but it I will consider 2 parts~
4. Can wear jointed hands. There are jointed hands but limited to colour and sizes so I must put this to note.
5. Last but not the least, the face sculpt! I have seen bodies that I like but the heads are not just "him". I know that the dolls look different face to face but I don't want to stray from my guidelines, waste time and then sell his head. That would take too long! I've been itching for one for years~ >.< {Yet i have just committed myself to save just this june ^_^:}

            After so much skimming and scanning and observing I finally decided to get Dollmore Glamor Model Doll- Ripley Days. So while still saving-up I calculated the possible expenses and so I have everything planned {except for my grades w/c is a very large factor that affects my hobbies since my parents still supports me and me nots allowed to have part-time jobs >.>}. Then  Dollmore Glamor Model Doll- Catcher -Ripley Days appeared, limited to 10 pcs world wide. His face-up is almost perfect, his hair colour, outfit and "theme" is just perfect for my Rue, so again, I reconsidered and decided that I will buy him instead. The only thing that I dislike is his sheer top~ XD Though the price is quite a sum, I guess I'll pay some w/ what I have saved and my father the rest. I'm going to order him this December :3 and hopefully, there's still one left by that time.

           If I don't spend what I have saved on Ripley {hoping for my father to shoulder everything that concerns Ripley Days} I will buy Mich {a Pullip} an obitsu body that she's been wanting and lots of outfits and shoes. If my money's enough, I might buy a Taeyang, a Byul or a Dal. If there's still left, maybe I can commission someone to fix my Bara's {another Pullip} default face-up since it got scratched and stained. It's because she is my first Pullip so "How should I know?" what is bad and okay for her. XD Coz unlike BJDs, haven't researched much about Pullips when I first got one so the come out is "TT-TT".

           Lastly, on sunday there is an anime convention named "Anime Overload Festival". Me, my sis and our friends will go there but my sis and I will go to church first. :3 I'm going to bring my mom's digicam and I might costrip. It's quite sudden so I don't really have the time and costume to do so. That is all for today, and yes, don't forget to read Just Another Story chapter 1 w/c I will upload tom. Thanks for reading~ :3

Just Another Story: A Note from Me to You

Just Another Story: A Note from Me to You

Rueni-chan here~


"Just Another Story" is actually my very first story w/c started as a sailor moon fanfic that I have written way, way back. Though the out come was okay, I thought that I wasn't creative enough and that I should lift up the barrier. So I rewrite it as my own story instead of a fanfic and the main character is still the same but w/ a new name. Since I have been terribly busy w/ so many things {dunno how many of those things were truly important ^^:} I haven't been able to finnish it even now.

Then I decided that I should just share my story no matter how ugh it is. XD Maybe today or tom I will post my story... Since I'm still playing gaia online ^.^ {sowi, sowi, me knows >.<} Oh yes, kindly do not post or steal my work coz my work is amateurish and stealing/copying is wrong. For now you might be enjoying doing that but later on you will regret it. :3 Please understand that English is not my main language so if there are errors kindly tell me so, though i'll scan my whole work before posting. I also accept constructive criticism so i can improve. That is all, thank you.

I was supposed to pose the article three days ago but I suddenly got busy since it is the start of a new semester. I will post it on friday :3

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